Sounds of Spain 1

Three Solos for Unaccompanied Double Bass
Composer: Simon Garcia
Code: RMD1007

Sounds of Spain 1 is an exciting series of evocative and vibrant works for unaccompanied double bass. Jazzy and rhythmic styles and idioms explore a wealth of Mediterranean colours and textures in luminous music which is always engaging and invigorating.

Fantasia Spagnola was inspired by the Flamenco music of southern Spain and is dedicated to Gabriele Ragghianti. Melodically, it is built on the Flamenco mode, with contrasting 3/4 and 6/8 time signatures, producing a cheerful and festive character. The flamenco feeling is produced by guitar- like pizzicato sounds, arpeggiated and fast chords, with two main themes, the first played pizzicato and the second arco. Fantasia Spagnola is a demanding and exciting piece for the advanced bassist and uses the entire range of the instrument.

Arabesque is in a free musical form, with many ornaments, and is aimed at the intermediate bassist. The work is in one movement and uses different musical styles and moods, always in an accessible language for the progressing bassist. There are many technical and musical challenges, including different playing effects, all written in a popular style and primarily in bass clef.

Reflections has a lyrical and soulful character, with effective musical and technical challenges, and was commissioned by Dan Styffe. In one movement, with inventive contrasting sections, played arco or pizzicato, the music is engaging and player-friendly creating a work that demonstrates the lyrical and technical possibilities of the solo double bass.
“…a fascinating miniature…” [Rob Nairn, ISB Journal]