Suite for Bass Viols

14 Dances for Double Bass Quartet
Composer: David Funck
Code: RMD1188
Arranger: David Heyes

David Funck (1648-c.1699) was born in Bohemia, spent some time in Italy before returning to Germany, and was an accomplished writer, theorist, and composer.

Stricturæ Viola-di Gambicæ is a collection of dance suites for four viols. The forty-three pieces are simple and straightforward dances and are low enough that they can be performed entirely on bass viols.

David Heyes has selected fourteen movements that transcribe well for double bass quartet. There are few dynamic suggestions allowing performers to create unique performances each time with vibrato used sparingly if at all, to create organ-like textures.

‘Suite for Bass Viols’ includes fourteen short pieces and players may perform the suite complete or a smaller number of movements at their discretion. The edition includes a few bowing suggestions but the performers are able to choose their own to match the melodic lines and musical phrasing. Additional repeats can be added as necessary.